ABSOLUTION La Crème Douce Démaquillante


  • ABSOLUTION La Crème Douce Démaquillante
  • ABSOLUTION La Crème Douce Démaquillante

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Cleans, removes makeup, soothes, repairs.
99% of the total ingredients are from natural origins
50% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.


La Crème Douce Démaquillante will remove the makeup from the eyes, complexion, and lips; and as a deep cleanser, it also removes toxins and pollution from the skin. A sweet perfume & a gentle formula to give back to your skin a natural balance.

  • With Pracaxi vegetal oil from Amazonia with great nourishing properties that doesn’t leave your skin oily. The oil helps improving the skin’s well-being, and boosts regeneration of the cells and protects it from external aggression.
  • With Saint John Wort’s with anti-inflammatory and healing effects, and also acts as a softener that fortifies the epidermis and calms down small irritations.  In addition, it is also a fine remedy against drops of tonicity, and will leave your skin full of energy.
  • With Neroli - a calming fragrance that helps to get to sleep; just perfect before going to bed. Dry skins will love it as will give them a soft touch and has regenerating properties. As a gentle anti-bacterial, it also re-balances the epidermis.

Leave it on for five minutes before emulsifying it, and rinse it with water or floral distilled-water.
Can also be removed gently with a tissue.

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