• SUSANNE KAUFMANN Natural Wax Candle
  • SUSANNE KAUFMANN Natural Wax Candle

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The Susanne Kaufmann scented candles are made from pure natural wax with wicks made from lead-free cotton, and burn in an exceptionally consistent way.

The white and cream colored wax is made from 100% natural wax. This is a special mixture of beeswax and rapeseed oil and the rapeseed is obtained from sustainable, non-genetically modified sources. The wax contains no paraffin or palm wax.

180g / Burning duration: approximately 50 hours.

The FIG-LEMON fragrance mixture creates an atmosphere of inspiration. The freshness of the lemon and the tart note of fig complement each other perfectly to form a unique mixture of purism and opulence. 

The INCENSE fragrance mixture creates a warm and nourishing atmosphere. Known since antiquity, this fragrance has a cleansing and calming effect. Frankincense invites harmony.

The VETIVER-MANDARIN fragrance creates a sensual atmosphere. The wooden freshness of vetiver and the fruity note of mandarin inspire the senses and vitalize body and soul.

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